Friday, April 01, 2011

Jogja Post: headline News

A candidate for an expertise of transport system arrested for a while by the police due to traffic light violation, as reported by our correspondent today. This man, initial WTA together with his partner initial RRS, were on their way to the location of road safety audit survey. WTA planned to provide a traffic light as a solution to the potency of accident in an unsignalized intersection, while in the middle of the journey he was trapped by a sempritan of the policeman on the roadside.

A young officer with initial ASS, sat in his office comfortably, while he tried his whistle “Priit Priiit” unintentionally along with waving his hand just like an old friend intended for a free lunch. The unfortunate rider, which was riding his motorcycle with the speed around 20mph didn’t realize that he should stop on the red light for this T intersection, because some vehicles before him just keep on moving with such confidence, no vehicle seems to proceed from the right arm of the intersection.

WTA stopped the motorcycle on the left side of the road, despite the fact that he couldn’t run away because he couldn’t exceed maximum speed 20 mph, he done that for safety reason. The ASS came and said “Good day Sir,” as a standard operational procedure (SOP) before the execution process. He brought WTA to the office politely, after bla bla and other platitude explanation said whether WTA had to paid 100 thousand rupiah in his office or in the court. His expression, as reported by RRS lately, was like someone who acted such an honest man but not as successful as Inspector Vijay from the Indian movie, but his face and temperament really show that he was a liar. If WTA paid the fine it would ended up in ASS pocket and not in the state account.

WTA had an idea on his mind actually, while the ASS asked for a SIM he would said “I’m sorry sir, I don’t have a SIM, but I have this SIM SALABIN,” with a five thousand rupiahs from his pocket. But again, from the safety consideration and the bitter fact that he was not married yet, he didn’t do that. It’s for his own-shake. Finally after meaningless argument and such poor student expression, a compromise made by the senior officer  initial HOLE, and he paid 40 thousand rupiah. He should only postpone the desire to buy a new book because of this contingency expenditure and off course he reconsiders the solution to provide traffic light solution to his unsignalized intersection.