Friday, February 04, 2011

pursuit of happiness

Everyone has the right for happiness, every single one. The happiness might depend on something, someone, or anything. The biggest mistake someone can create is laying the major factor of happiness in someone else. There are sort of people who get their happiness by loving someone. Such as the man, who has the feeling of being happy by loving a woman, by staring her smile, by hearing her voice, by seeing her coming, by feeling her inside heart.

Until one bitter day came, when she left him for the second time. He had completed one last year, one year of solitude, one year of faithful while she betrayed him. He has been waiting for so long through the sorrow, until she finally come back to him, and said that she felt sorry about it. And now, she leaves him again, with the same reason she left before. She was afraid of being left by him, and therefore she leaves. It happened twice, while he didn’t do anything wrong as an intention to leave her.

Now, he’ll have to consider whether he has to wait for the same one through unlimited time, with no such probability that she’ll come back again, with the same uncertainty that she will possibly leave again. He just too much in love with her and can’t help falling out of love.

Someone who feels the great loss will try so hard to survive. During the bad times, he will pursue the happiness into small things around the world. He maybe find that by traveling, by the way birds singing, by the way music playing, by a scratch of painting, by the strange book he’s reading, by the way people laughing, by prayer beads circling, by all the small things. He tries to keep his concentration to all of beautiful things in daily life, to distract him from miserable feeling. It’s not good to be depressed, someone should being happy to celebrate the existence of human being. When he believes in something, the true test of his faith is during the bad times, not during the good one. Even after the darkest night, the brightest morning will come. That’s things he believes.

Maybe one day, while he have accomplished the test. He would realize that love doesn’t exist, there’s no such thing as love, that it’s just magical comfort food for the weak and uneducated person or just misguided feelings and emotions. If someone asked what make him think so, he’d probably said it’s from the girl he’s going to marry, but then she smartened up while he stays as dumb as before.