Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Irreversible of Time

I have the time rushing along. It’s like I have not enough time for what I want to do. Every day, every little step I have made, I will never get back to the condition to make the different one.

What can I do now? To reduce the pain, I can tell someone about my sorrow, they maybe will listen at once, but if I keep telling them a same painfully story that stuck in both my head and my heart, I will lost this friend as I also lost the time. Without me telling the stories, they would notice the sorrow from my eyes. No matter how hard I have tried to hide it.

I have to face it. I have to accept, that because of my own mistake, I can’t keep my girl friend stay with me. I have to accept that because of my own decision, I no longer have a sweet time with my dad even for his last breath. I will not see my father again, I will never talk to him again even just for a minute to say how much I love him. Time is elapsed and it’s irreversible.

I have to accept the situation that my life has turn into a bitter chapter. It don’t give a care of how much I have beg and pray for the certainty of the universe to made a rule as human’s rule usually does. Like I have the sign if I do wrong, I will get such a warning, such a conversation and so on. So I can change my behavior to make the situation more comfortable for everyone beside me. But this fate, doesn’t follow the rule, it just happen as they should happen. There will be neither warning nor sign; there will be only me, the only one to face it, no matter how hard it is. No matter I can swallow the bitter taste or not. It just happens.

The only thing I just know, I have to give the best effort in everything, for everyone, for every decision, for now and a better end will present. So if something terrible happens, while it just happens as it always does, I will have no regret. I can’t have this regret, this sadness, frightened me for the rest of my life.