Saturday, March 26, 2011

something to write

This month’s almost ends. My intention to post something in this blog at least once a month makes me think, what should I write for this month? I don’t have any interesting stories to tell, I don’t have time actually to write stories, too much books to read, too much assignment to do, with so little time I have.

Early in this month, I got my grade for the first semester. Perfect grade actually, I got A for every subject. Which I thought it’s only possibly to happened once each hundreds of years. Since my first year in my previous college and even in my schools, my grades always under my father’s concern. So when I got this perfect grade, the only one that I thought was my father. How he’d react if I gave him this piece of paper. I remember his expression, I made him proud because I was the best in junior high school. Then I also made him disappointed while I couldn’t keep the value for the next term, I remember his face, his expression. I remember saw him sit on the chair and open my raport. I remember, my motivation since that day, only to made my father proud of me. Although I couldn’t see him again, still I take my time to think of him every day, then i pray for him, which I thought will make him happy for having a son like me.

Oh my, why do I write something grievous like this? I better write something delightful. Okay, I have one. I never thought that i will have any interest to transportation. If only I found it’s interesting, I’d have taken this major in my bachelor degree. Here I’m, now attracted by transport system and love to read many books about it, maybe due to its relationship to the society. Through the transportation we can help people improve their welfare, we understand what’s behind their behavior, and we can get more comprehensive understanding about the civilization. Don’t you know that Ahmadinejad, who’s now a president in Iran, has doctoral degree in transport system? Another delightful story is: I have this little probability to continue study somewhere in Europe or Australia within this year. I hope it will come true.

There it is. I finally write something this month.